Concrete is a beautiful and durable material, but it does require maintenance because dust and dirt will ultimately accumulate, making it look less-than-perfect and potentially harming the surface. Even if your flooring may not appear to be dirty, hazardous germs or mold may be present and causing damage.

Hiring a professional concrete staining service to get the greatest clean is the quickest, easiest, and most complete solution. This, combined with some do-it-yourself jobs and the proper equipment, will protect your concrete investment while making it appear as good as possible.

For many years, A2D Industrial Services has been a professional concrete staining firm. We’ve worked on projects of all sizes and complexities, and if there’s one thing we truly understand, it’s how to produce a beautiful, clean concrete floor. We also like sharing our knowledge with our customers since we want to assure the cleanliness and lifespan of their concrete.

Why Should You Hire Us For The Job?
We Have the Tools

Although the tools required for most concrete staining are simple, this does not imply that you understand how to shop for them. Do you know what kind of stain to purchase? Which mop, roller, or squeegee should be used for each product, and how should they be utilized? If not, you should consider hiring a professional.

Surface Preparation Masters

Whether you’re staining old or new concrete, one of the most crucial stages is to properly prep it. This necessitates fully curing new concrete. Existing concrete has difficulties like as its previous exposure to weather, spills, and chemicals, as well as its level of wear and tear. Paint and varnishes can cover almost anything, but stains are translucent, so this prep is critical.

We Possess Product Knowledge

Do you know if an acid-based or water-based stain is better for your needs off the top of your head? What about non-reactive stains or chemical bonding that are permanent? What exactly do these phrases mean? When you work with the pros, you are working with people who are intimately familiar with these products.

Compatibility and Sealers

For safety, stained concrete should be sealed. Sealers will differ depending on their compatibility with the stain applied. Before applying sealers on acid-based stains, the residue must be cleaned and the surface neutralized using. If you don’t do this correctly, your sealer won’t make a good connection with the concrete. When you hire professionals, they take care of everything.

We Get It Right the First Time

Remember that once the stain is applied, the color is permanent and there is no turning back. Color samples should always be taken on the concrete you intend to stain in order to get a more accurate portrayal of how that particular surface will react to the stain. Stains, unlike paint, penetrate the surface, making future color changes impossible. Because acid stains can be difficult, if not impossible, to remove, surrounding areas must be properly blocked off to minimize unintended discoloration. When masking, use caution since the adhesive from the tape may pull color off previously stained concrete or leave a residue that prevents the stain from reacting effectively with unstained concrete.

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