Solar panels are meant to capture sunlight and convert it to useful electricity; therefore, anything that limits the panels’ ability to capture sunlight reduces the amount of electricity generated.

Due to the obvious upward elevation of the solar panels, they are more prone to bird droppings and a buildup of general dust and debris that does not wash away with rain. This reduces the amount of light that strikes the panel and thus its output.
As the anticipated energy figures reported by solar panel manufacturers and installers are based on the ideal performance of clean solar panels, dirt build-up can have a negative impact on the panel’s capacity to match those forecasts. As a result, cleaning solar panels is critical to protecting and maintaining your investment. Cleaning your solar panels on a regular basis can also help you make the most of the government feed-in tariff.
Early adopters of the solar panels quickly realized that if their panels were not cleaned on a regular basis, they would not operate optimally.

Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Cleaners

A2D Industrial Services has cleaned solar panels on residences throughout Las Vegas. Your solar panels are an expensive investment, so you should get them cleaned by insured and skilled professionals.

A regular cleaning program is a no-brainer given the cost savings of keeping your panels clean. In heavy soil regions, such as farms near air traffic patterns, increasing the power output and efficiency of your solar system by 20% or more can have a significant influence on your energy bill savings.

You installed your solar system to save money, so check sure your panels are operating optimally all year. Many individuals install solar panels on their rooftops and then forget about it until the savings stop adding up. A free estimate from Premier Solar Cleaning can help you figure out why your solar system isn’t producing as much as it did when it was first installed. Hint: The panels are dusty and not operating optimally, or birds or other vermin may have taken up home.

Here’s how we take care of it:

Clean it by professionals

Inspection of the solar panel glass for integrity – bird damage might cause breaking.
Examine the solar panel framework for evidence of deterioration, warping, or corrosion.
Check to see if the roof fixings are still in good condition. Look for signs of bird or squirrel damage.
Examine the inverter for error codes.

Does cleaning solar panels improve efficiency?

We’ve been tracking the efficiency gains that solar panel cleaning can offer for years. On agricultural locations, we regularly see significant increases in solar efficiency of up to 30%. Clients that have supplied readings to demonstrate that solar panel cleaning has boosted the output and efficiency of their array have demonstrated this. Solar panel cleaning has resulted in similar boosts in efficiency for the operations and maintenance departments of solar enterprises for which we have cleaned solar panels.
We’ve witnessed increases of up to 60% on industrial and commercial locations, and up to 21% on residential arrays.

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