Soft Washing Roof Cleaning

Soft Washing Roof Cleaning in Las Vegas And Henderson NV

Roofs are the sites where dirt, stains, and grime accumulate from the outside air. In addition, the cluster of leaves gathers in the roof gutter area during the spring and autumn seasons. This has an influence on the structure of your home.

When it comes to roof cleaning, it isn’t as simple as taking a pressure washer and spraying your roof in the hopes of finding a remedy ponce and for all. Chances are you might damage your roof if the wrong pressure is applied.


That is why it is advisable to soft washing your roof rather than pressure wash.

The team of experts at A2D Industrial Services have mastered the various soft washing techniques when it comes to cleaning your roof to achieve the best desired results. Not only will your roof look cleaner than ever, but that no shingles, tiles, or asphalt will be damaged.

The main question you may as is, “Why do I need professional help to clean my own roof?”

Sure, give it a shot, but are you armed with the right set of tools and knowledge to sort this problem? 

Apart from maintaining your home, you have tons of responsibilities as a homeowner. 

Hiring professional roof cleaners like A2D Industrial Services will not only save you time but will also save you money in the long run. 

As a result, you can simply reallocate your time to other tasks. 

Benefits of Hiring Professional Soft Washing Roof Cleaners
Algae Problem Solved For Good

Algae flourish on crushed limestone, which is utilized in many different types of roofing materials in Vegas. It is most usually found on the roof’s north side, which receives the least amount of sunshine. We can have the knack of taking care of this problem by removing these stubborn stains and at the same time restore the beauty of your house!

Economical Option

Those harmful streaks and stains on your roof, believe it or not, are contributing to greater cooling bills. The dark stains cause “hot spots,” which absorb sunlight instead of reflecting it away, causing your shingles to deteriorate prematurely. If left untreated, this sort of algae will spread and retain more moisture, posing a risk to the wood beneath as well as resale value and curb appeal.

Expertise and Tools

The use of low pressure is more critical here than in any other aspect of your home’s exterior. Using garden hose pressure, typically 50-100 PSI, we can accomplish outstanding results with our unique “soft wash” approach. When cleaning roofs, we DO NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHER. 

Safety Is Our Utmost Priority

The risk factor of cleaning your own roof – is one of the key reasons to avoid it in the first place. What if you fall, slip and injure yourself? Every year, there are several ladder-related accidents. Working on top of a ladder is dangerous enough, but employing pressure washing equipment adds water to the mix, making things even more dangerous. Hiring a professional to clean your roof is your best option here. This reduces the possibility of an accident and ensures that your roof is not harmed during the cleaning procedure.

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