Soft Washing Solar Panel Cleaning

Soft Washing Solar Panels in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

Solar panels are an excellent investment for households, as they provide a long-term source of sustainable energy while saving money in the long run. Solar panels can save so much money on energy costs that they will almost certainly pay for themselves if used to their full potential.

Solar panel cleaning, like many other household chores, may appear to be a simple task on the face of it. Sure, you have to crawl up on your roof and spend a few hours cleaning your solar panels (and pray to god you don’t slip and fall) with the intention of saving some bucks, right? 

While the supposedly cost-effective DIY solar panel cleaning may be appealing, the truth is that professional services offer indisputable when you look at it over a period of time.

In fact, it’s more economical and beneficial to hire a professional company like A2D Industrial Services who have a team of experts to make sure your solar panels are not only maintained in pristine condition, but are also equipped with the necessary tools required to achieve the best results without the possibility of damaging the panels (something which you may be doing if you’re cleaning your solar panels). 

Why Hire A2D Industrial Services To Softwash Your Solar Panels?

Looking at it from a short term perspective, hiring a professional may seem expensive, but in the long run you’re actually saving yourself from getting ripped off. Here’s how…

We Help Increase Your Panels’ Efficiency

Hiring A2D Industrial Services ensures that your solar panels efficiency will increase once they are cleaned. If not cleaned properly, you’re losing as much as 30% efficiency. While you can clean them yourself, there is no assurance that you will do so to the highest standards, which is what you receive when you us.

0% Chance of Damage

One of the most important reasons to contact an A2D Industrial Services for solar panels is that we use the right cleaning equipment that will not damage the panels – something that is never guaranteed when cleaning them yourself.

Special soft-bristle and non-abrasive cleaning equipment is required to avoid scratches on the panel surface, which might occur when using store-bought cleaning materials.

Keeping in mind how expensive your panels are, you should be careful.

Safety Protocols Followed

While you may have appropriate cleaning tools for your solar panels, there are still risks involved in cleaning them. Panels installed on high rooftops and in odd placements, for example, could be extremely dangerous to clean, with uneven surfaces, high winds, and other elements posing significant safety threats to those on their roof.

A2D Industrial Services bring the necessary equipment to securely cover tricky spots on the roof during the cleaning operation. Why risk injuring yourself when others can do it securely with all precautions in check?

Armed With the Right Tools

Similarly to how it is critical to use the proper cleaning instruments to avoid damaging the panels, you must use appropriate cleaning detergents to avoid causing troubles on the panels. A2D Industrial Services will never do this since we use industry-standard cleaning solutions created exclusively for solar panels.

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